Certifications / Diploma – Life Long Learning

The health care environment is changing rapidly. To be able to adapt to and fulfil the requirements of a job in the field of drug development, continuing professional development (CPD) is a key. SwAPP promotes and accredits courses for your continuous professional development. Our vision is to ensure high quality standards and professionalism in drug development. Therefore, we support our members in their professional training with a Life Long Learning Program.

To combine your professional experience with theoretical training we offer the possibility to acquire different diplomas to acknowledge your expertise. They include a theoretical and a practical (on the job) training. The collection of accredited courses  on our event platform you to develop or maintain your expertise.

The SwAPP syllabus details the topics and time needed to acquire the expertise. For details please see the Life Long Learning Program and the Diploma descriptions (see below). You can achieve the theoretical expertise via courses on this website or by submitting other courses in this field which have to be acknowledged by SwAPP.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to obtain one of our diplomas and improve your CV by proving your expert knowledge and practical expertise in the field of pharmaceutical medicine.

Life Long Learning (LLL)

The Life Long Learning program consists of:

  • SwAPP Diploma Pharmaceutical Medicine  and  SwAPP Speciality Diplomas
  • Yearly Certification of Continuous Professional Training (CPT)

Download the SwAPP LLL Program (November 11, 2014)

SwAPP Diploma

SwAPP awards the following diplomas:

  • SwAPP Diploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine.
    This covers all aspects of pharmaceutical medicine and drug development as defined by the International Federation of Associations of Pharmaceutical Physicians (IFAPP, www.ifapp.org). The current syllabus has been updated through a European consortium and can be found on www.pharmatrain.eu.
    The syllabus includes the discovery and development of new medicines, clinical trial methodology, good clinical practice and ethics, pharmacovigilance and epidemiology, biostatistics, regulatory affairs, health economics, project management, marketing and new therapeutic approaches.

  • SwAPP Diploma Pharmaceutical Medicine (Nov 2014): diploma infoline
    In collaboration with ECPM SwAPP members will get up to 10% reduction per event. Details on the ECPM trainings are available here: Link to Event Pages

  • SwAPP Speciality Diploma GCP Quality Management (Update per 11-2014): diploma infoline

  • SwAPP Speciality Diploma Study Management (Update per Nov 2015): diploma infoline

  • SwAPP Speciality Diploma Clinical Pharmacology (Update per Nov 2014): diploma infoline

  • SwAPP Speciality Diploma Regulatory Affairs (Update per April 2016): diploma infoline
    In collaboration with MEGRA. SwAPP Members will get a 15% reduction per MEGRA module. Details on the MEGRA Start-up course are available here: Link to Event Pages

  • SwAPP Speciality Diploma Medical Marketing (Update per Nov 2014): diploma infoline

How to apply for a SwAPP Diploma or a Certificate:

Please apply for accreditation by completing the attached form SwAPPDiploma_application and submitting it together with your CV, diplomas and proof of practical qualifications to Corinne Wenger via eMail to: [swappdiploma”at”swapp.ch]