Application for accreditation / Lists of accreditation

Accreditation of Training Events (for profit -organisers, (non-profit see below))

As a course organiser, you can apply for SwAPP accreditation of your training events. Please submit the course program and the application form.

Pricing for profit-organisers (non-profit organisers are free of charge):
– 1 single event: 300 CHF/year
– > 1 event: 1000 CHF/year
If you grant discounts to SwAPP members (at least about 10% or 100 CHF) you benefit from reduced fees:
– 1 single event: 200 CHF/year
– >1 event: 500 CHF/year

Events with reduced fees are published on the SwAPP homepage as well under “Events with SwAPP member discount” as under “Accredited events”.

SwAPP will support your promotion by listing organisers who offer discounts in its irregular published newsletter.

Application for Accreditation of Training Event(s):
Application form
see here   Annual overview of your event(s) see here

List of currently accredited events
see here SwAPP accredited events CH
see here SwAPP accredited events EU

General Accreditation of a Course Organiser (available for not-for-profit organisers only, free of charge)

Non-profit-organisations (NPO) who regularly organise training events, can apply for SwAPP general accreditation. Please submit the application form and the requested attachments. You will be listed on the SwAPP homepage as an accredited course organiser and you can give credit points to your events yourself.
If you comply with all the requirements, SwAPP will support your promotion by listing your event in its regular newsletter.

Application for General Accreditation:
Application form
see here      Annual overview of your event(s) see here

SwAPP and SGPM mutually recognise their accreditations.

Please submit all forms and documentation to or to SwAPP, 3000 Bern.

List of currently accredited institutions
AO Foundation, Clinical Investigation and Documentation; courses
DIA Drug Information Association; trainings
ECPM, University of Basel; trainings
Institut für Epidemiologie, Biostatistik und Prävention, Universität Zürich / Weiterbildungsprogramm Public Health der Universitäten Basel, Bern und Zürich
Medtech@Pharma Platform; trainings
MEGRA Mitteleuropäische Gesellschaft für Regulatory Affairs; trainings
SAKK (Swiss Group for Clinical Cancer Research); trainings
SCTO (Swiss Clinical Trial Organisation) / SCTO CTU Network ; trainings 

-Clinical Trial Unit, University Hospital Basel
-Clinical Trial Unit, University Hospital Bern
-Clinical Trial Unit, University Hospital Geneva
-Clinical Trial Unit, University Hospital Lausanne
-Clinical Trial Unit, University Hospital St. Gallen
-Clinical Trial Unit, University Hospital Zurich
-Clinical Trial Unit, Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale (EOC) Bellinzona

shqa (Swiss Health Quality Association): trainings
Swissmedic  Veranstaltungen   Veranstaltungen Medizinprodukte