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To combine your professional experience with theoretical training we offer the possibility to acquire different professional diplomas to acknowledge your expertise. They include a theoretical and a practical (on the job) training. The collection of accredited courses supports you to develop or maintain your expertise. For details please see the Life Long Learning Program (LLL) and the Diploma descriptions: https://swapp.ch/services/certifications-diploma/

Topic & InformationRealmTypeDateVenueOrganiserStatus
How does Personalised Medicine Impact Healthcare?Pharmaceutical medicineSwAPP/sgpm Annual Symposium Pharma. Medicine25 November 2020ZurichSwAPP/sgpmregister now
The Swiss TPA: Supporting Therapeutic Innovation?Regulatory Science,
Pharmaceutical Medicine
Annual Symposium
postponed to March 2021BernSwAPP2020 skipped due to Covid-19
General AssemblyBody of the associationAssembly2021, date followsinformation followsSwAPPopen
Regional Roundtables (RR) SwitzerlandRR General informationExpertise exchange in small regional groupsto be announcedZurich (de)
Lausanne (fr)
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