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Topic & Information Realm Type Date Venue Organiser Status
Regional Roundtables Switzerland Pharmaceutical Medicine RR general information to be announced SwAPP Notification of Interest
RR DRA 11.01.2019 DRA Roundtable Zurich (de) 11.01.2019 Zurich SwAPP  

Finished; Review

RR DRA 18.01.2019 DRA Roundtable Zurich (de) 18.01.2019 Zurich SwAPP Register now
RR DRA 12.02.2019 DRA Roundtable Lausanne (fr) 12.02.2019 Lausanne SwAPP Register now
General Assembly Body of the association Event together with 12. ExEx 19.03.2019 Solothurn SwAPP Save the date
12th ExEx
Making drugs work better: combination with delivery systems
Pharmaceutical Medicine /Medical device Symposium 19.03.2019 Solothurn SwAPP Register now