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To combine your professional experience with theoretical training we offer the possibility to acquire different professional diplomas to acknowledge your expertise. They include a theoretical and a practical (on the job) training. The collection of accredited courses supports you to develop or maintain your expertise. For details please see the Life Long Learning Program (LLL) and the Diploma descriptions: https://swapp.ch/services/certifications-diploma/
OrganiserTopicSwAPP DiplomaRealmTypeDateCityRemarks
AO FoundationClinical investigation and documentationsee LLLClinical researchCourses see annual ProgrammeDavos, FribourgSwAPP member discount
Bratschi AGTreffpunktsee LLLPharmaceutical lawEvening SeminarTo be announcedBern, Zürich
CTCClinical research
PV, Market access
see LLLPharmaceutical medicineTrainingSee annual programmeBaselSwAPP member discount
CTU (Clinical Trial Units) see SCTO
DIA (Drug Information Association)Miscelleaneoussee LLLPharmaceutical medicineConference&Workshop&Training CourseSee course catalog,
Training course
BaselSwAPP member discount
ECPM (European Center of Pharmaceutical Medicine)MAS, DAS, CAS in Pharmaceutical MedicinePharmaceutical medicinePharmaceutical medicine
ModulesSee annual programmeBaselSwAPP member discount
MEGRA e.V.Regulatory Affairs
Speciality: Regulatory Affairs
see LLL
Regulatory Affairs
ZertifikatslehrgängeSee annual programmeBruggSwAPP member discount
SCTO (Swiss Clinical Trial Organisation)/SCTO CTU NetworkMiscelleaneoussee LLLClinical researchCoursestraining opportunities

incl. all CTU course
single events
SwAPP member discount
SHQA Academy
(Swiss Health Quality Association)
Miscelleaneoussee LLLPharmaceutical medicineSeminars & CoursesSee annual programme
SKGG (Schweiz. Kongress für Gesundheitsökonomie und -wissenschaften)
Der gesellschaftliche Wandel erfordert eine neue Gesundheitspolitiksee LLLPharmaceutical medicineCongress25. Oct. 2019BernSwAPP member discount
SPCRCClinical Researchsee LLLClinical research3rd Annual congress8. November 2019
SwAPPMiscelleanoussee LLLPharmaceutical medicine
Medical device combinations
Exchange Expertise
see SwAPP eventsreduced fees for SwAPP members
Weiterbildungsprogramm Gesundheitswesen (MiG)Management im Gesundheitswesensee LLLPharmaceutical medicineZertifikatskurseZusatzkurseBernSwAPP member discount
Weiterbildungsprogramm Public HealthMAS, DAS, CAS in Public Healthsee LLLPharmaceutical medicineSeminars & Modulessee annual programBasel, Bern, ZürichSwAPP member discount
Swiss Biotech AssociationClinical trial strategy: fine tuning the risk-reward profilesee LLLClinical researchSeminar19 September 2019LausanneSwAPP Member discount