SwAPP offers the membership categories and conditions listed below.


SwAPP Regular members

Persons belonging to the medical, pharmaceutical, or life science professions who work, or have worked, in the field of pharmaceutical medicine (specifically including related activities in biotech and medical device areas) may apply for regular membership.

SwAPP Regular members  with reduced fees

  • SwAPP Student members
  • SwaPP/sgpm double members

SwAPP Extraordinary members

Persons who subscribe to the purpose of SwAPP and for whom regular membership (as defined above) is not open, may apply for an extraordinary membership.  Extraordinary members may participate in SwAPP-organised activities, excluding the Bodies of SwAPP described in Article 6 of its by-laws.

SwAPP Honorary members

Persons, who have rendered outstanding services to SwAPP or to pharmaceutical medicine in connection with the purposes of SwAPP, may be offered honorary membership.

Fees and payment

Annual Fees

CategoryAnnual Fee
SwAPP Regular membersCHF 200
Student members (Basic studies: Proof of enrolment to be submitted with the application)CHF 100
SwAPP/sgpm double membersCHF 150
SwAPP Extraordinary membersCHF 200


On the application form you can choose  between two options: Either you prefer to receive the invoice as paper (pdf)  and pay by standard bank transfer or you prefer an invoicing process by credit card.