Task Forces

Permanent functions and Task forces

SwAPP Commission for Professional Development (CPD) and Examination committee

The SwAPP Commission for Professional Development (CPD) is installed by requirement of the by-laws. It is responsible for all matters concerning training and continuous education. It supervises and implements the SwAPP Life Long Learning (LLL) programme. This programme includes the SwAPP certification for Continuous Professional Training and the SwAPP Diplomas: Diploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine and the Specialty Diplomas. The representatives of the CPD evaluate and decide on the applications submitted for the SwAPP diplomas. They also review the yearly documentation of Continuous Professional Training. The CPD accredits external courses and course organisers.

Ana Brake (chair), Corinne Wenger,  Annette Mollet, Jeannette Achermann 

Examination Committee
If applicable and based on the requirements of the by-laws, the CPD appoints the Examination Committee as necessary.


 SwAPP Public Relation (PR) and Task Force (TF) Social Media

This permanent function is responsible for the promotion of SwAPP with all partners in pharmaceutical medicine and health care. In meetings, workshops and by internet we strengthen the professional image of SwAPP and publicise SwAPP activities. We maintain the SwAPP homepage as a user friendly, informative and interactive platform for our members.

TF Social media
The task force establishes networks on LinkedIn

Marc Schmid (chair), Raquel Billiones, Désirée Haltiner, Lukas Studer

SwAPP Events and Task Forces “Special events” 

The permanent function is responsible for the organisation and coordination of events for for knowledge transfer, Exchange of Expertise, practical advice and networking among participants in the fields of Clinical Development, Medical Affairs, Regulatory Affairs, Pharmacovigilance and others. Professionals from industry (Pharma, Biotech, Medtech), authorities (Swissmedic, BAG/OFSP etc.) and clinic will provide expert opinions and exchange ideas with the participants. In order to maintain a high quality standard and to cover a broad field of expertise with these events, we would like to encourage you to actively participate in our  ad-hoc or permanent event task forces (TF).

Marie Gaumet (chair)

TF SwAPP/sgpm Event: Joint Annual meeting “Pharmaceutical Medicine”
This task force  organises an annually recurring scientific event  in the field of pharmaceutical medicine together with sgpm (Schweizerische Gesellschaft für pharmazeutische Medizin). Responsible members of the organising team may vary annually according to the chosen topic..

For SwAPP 2019:  Ana Brake, Marie Gaumet, Frank van den Ouweland
For sgpm 2019: Kaja Seegers, Martin Traber

 TF Exchange of Expertise (ExEx)
This task force  organises an annually recurring  ExEx symposium  in different fields of therapeutic products development.
The make-up of the organizing team may vary annually according to the chosen topic.

Marie Gaumet (lead), Doris Penna

TF Regional Roundtable (RR)

This Task force organises Regional Roundtables in German or French in different specialisation areas

Dorothee Heer (manging director, chair) Marie Gaumet (board member),
2019: Katharina Oehler, Doris Penna, Katja Starke, Stefanie Zaugg,
2020: Jeannette Achermann, Katharina Oehler, Doris Penna, Corinne Wijkström, Stefanie Zaugg,


TF Career Development (TF CD)

The task force operates a career platform concerning questions and opportunities in Pharma, Biotech and Medtech. The platform shall assist newcomers to understand different job functions and senior professionals to plan their continued professional development. Some tools have already been developed (https://swapp.ch/services/job-offers-career-development/). Further tools showing the diversity of job opportunities are in progress.

Dorothee Heer (Managing director, chair interim), Ana Brake, Marie Gaumet (Board members), Raquel Billiones, Irina-El-Ali Lukas Studer, Frank Wierckx,

You are interested to join an existing Task Force or have an idea for a new one? Please contact Email SwAPP.

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